Ajimolido Films is an audiovisual production company funded by the producer Alejandro Israel in 2008. Its main objective is to develop and carry out cinematographic and television projects of the highest quality, bringing together artistic and authorial with commercial expertise and aiming at national and international markets taking a high stake in multiple diverse co-productions and working both with new talents as well as renowned directors with track record.


To The Desert

Coproduction with Wanka Cine (Argentina) and Triciclo Films (Chile). Ibermedia Fund of coproduction 2016. Winner of LAHAYE Price at the BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Film Festival) 2016. World premiere at the 65° Film Festival of San Sebastián.


Documental by Abner Benaim, coproduction with Apertura Films (Panamá). Selected for representing Panamá at the Oscars 2014.

The missing part

National Premiere at 29° International Film Festival Mar del Plata, Argentina. Worldwide release at Festival International du Film Fantastique de Bruxelles.

El Invierno

Fiction first work by Emiliano Torres in coproduction with Wanka Cine (Argentina) and Cité Films (Francia). Official Selection in 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, Concha de Plata Award for best photography (Ramiro Civita) and Special Jury Award.

“Invasion does justice to the memory of a broad spectrum of people about an event that, for various reasons, has been collectively hidden under the carpet in Panama.”

The Hollywood Reporter.

“We are facing one of the funniest bets Argentine cinema has made in years. There is no way to establish a thematic line in the film that fits it with a similar story. Birds Flying is unique in its eagerness to generate so much delirium always with justification, with reason. It is not the delirium for the delirium itself but it has in its essence a halo of social criticism”


Rigorous, at times arid as the geography of the place, Winter is a film built with intelligence, conviction and talent that transports us to a world with its own rules, almost outside these modern times.

Diego Battle - Otroscines.com


Finished filming The Other Name

Finished filming The Other Name

After five intense weeks filming in the beautiful landscapes of Lake Puelo and El Bolsón, we finished the filming of Natural Arpajou’s first feature film.

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