The Truth

As regards television, a prime-time series of 13 episodes was produced, among the production company Baraka Cine: “La verdad” (The truth) directed by Paula de Luque.


“The Truth” (“La Verdad”) is a story about ethics, lies and power, which is developed in the field of a news channel. A story whose network is becoming more complex as the story progresses, bringing the characters to an unexpected end.
The universe of the public scene, as opposed to the innermost passions. The “Objectivity” of the news are put in check and a love triangle as rarely been seen on television.
In “The Truth” every character has two faces, everybody lie, and at the same time each one protects their possible truth, pierced by his most intimate subjectivities.
Journalism, power, passion, love, betrayal. Everything comes together so that, at some point, there will be no way of going back.


Director: Paula de Luque.
Screenplay: Paula De Luque
Screenplay co-writer: Joaquín Bonet
Screenplay Collaborator: Melania Stucchi
Producer: Marcelo Schapces.
Executive Producer: Alejandro Israel.
Line Producer: Valeria Bistagnino.
Cinematography: Marcelo Iaccarino.
Sound Design: Nicolás Giusti y Lalo Guerra.
Editor: César Custodio.
Wardrobe: Marcela Vilariño.


Julieta Díaz,
Daniel Fanego,
Diego Vel​az​quez,
Maria Laura Cali,
Julieta Vallina,
Juan Leyrado

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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