El Invierno

Fiction first work by Emiliano Torres in coproduction with Wanka Cine (Argentina) and Cité Films (Francia). Official Selection in 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, Concha de Plata Award for best photography (Ramiro Civita) and Special Jury Award.


  • Official Selection in 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, Concha de Plata Award for best photography (Ramiro Civita) and Special Jury Award.
  •  Official Selection in 25º Biarritz Festival Latin America, Best Actor Award (Alejandro Sieveking) and French Critics Association Award.
  • Official Selection in 12º Zurich Film Festival
  • This project has taken part in the ‘Film Project Development Course, Ibermedia Program’, Madrid, Spain 2012.
  • Winner of “Cinema en Construcción – Tolouse” award and “Ciné +” award, Cinélatino Recontres de Toulouse 2016.
  •  Pre-selected by Argentine National Film Institute (INCAA), for the ‘2013 Scriptwriting Lab’, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2013.
  • Finalist for ‘Original Script Award at 34th New Latin American Film Festival’ Havana, Cuba, 2012.
  • Winner of ‘Raymundo Gleyzer – INCAA, Argentine National Film Institute, Award’, Buenos Aires, 2013.
  • Selected to taken part in the ‘Script and Development Lab-Industry’ at the 35th New Latin American Film Festival, Habana, Cuba, 2013.
  •  Winner of the ‘Best Latin American Original Script Award, 2013’, Argentores, General Society of Authors of Argentina.
  • Selected for the ‘X Ibero-American Film Co-production Meeting, 29th International Film Festival’, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2014.
  • Winner of First Fiction Feature Film Contest (Opera Prima) by Argentine National Film Institute (INCAA), Argentina, 2014.
  • ‘New Art Prize’ winner, awarded at the ‘X Ibero-American Film Coproduction Meeting, 29th International Film Festival’, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2014.
  • Project participant Marché du Film, Cannes, 2014.
  • Winner of Best Project Award, at the Cartagena Meetings, International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 2015.
  • Winner of Best First Work at Cóndor Awards 2017 Argentina.


Dirección y guion: Emiliano Torres
Producción: Wanka Cine (Argentina), Ajimolido Films (Argentina)
Co-productor: Cite Films (Francia), Orange Studio (Francia), RTA (Argentina), Tronco (Argentina)
Producción Ejecutiva: Alejandro Israel, Ezequiel Borovinsky
Fotografía: Ramiro Civita
Música: Cyril Morin
Edición: Alejandro Brodersohn
Sonido: Santiago Fumagalli
Dirección de arte: Paulo Gallego


Evans: Alejandro Sieveking
Jara: Cristian Salguero
Contractor: Adrián Fondari
Manager: Pablo Cedrón
Laura: Mara Bestelli
Woman: Jara Violeta Vidal
Anna: Eva Jarriau


Every year when spring arrives, Don Evans (75), the old foreman at an ‘estancia’ (Argentine rural property) in Patagonia, receives a group of temporary labourers who come for the driving and shearing of the sheep. It’s the same business every year. The only things that might change are the faces of the men. This year amidst the group is Jara (30), a young man of indigenous features from a distant north-eastern province. The owner of the property intends him to be the old foreman’s assistant and eventually his replacement. Evans picks this up. He doesn’t trust Jara and challenges him in every possible way. Jara resists, clinging on to the hope of getting a steady job and being able to move there with his family. The season’s work comes to an end, but this time, Evans’s worst fears come true. After a lifetime of dedicated work he is forced to retire from the ‘estancia’ and is replaced by Jara. Evans leaves the property and sets of on a long trip across the mountains towards the coast until he gets to a small oil town in the South Atlantic. When he gets there he tries to contact his daughter, reconstruct his life and adapt to the new situation. However the old wounds between them runs too deep and it’s too late. Having to fend for himself, Evans’s health begins to deteriorate and things go from bad to worse.

Meanwhile, back at the ‘estancia’, Jara is left in charge of the property. The last of the temporary labourers have gone. Now he has to face the challenge of resisting the coming winter. Jara adapts as best he can to the loneliness and the harshness of the foreign territory. It all becomes too much for him, the challenge is much tougher than he imagined. Finally winter comes and the land is covered in white. The snow and the wind isolate the place completely, and it is no longer a matter of working or living, but of resisting and keeping sane. When winter comes round again, Evans, in a final act of desperation, returns to the ‘estancia’ intending to intimidate Jara so that he abandons the place. They fight: one in order to come back, the other to stay on. Only one will survive. The winter ends, and the landscape recovers its life and colour. The waters of the river are once again in full flow. Jara, as the Old Man did before him, awaits the arrival of the group of temporary labourers by the side of the dirt road. Only then will what these men fought for become clear and worth their pains. Or not.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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