Flying birds

Film by Néstor Montalbano. Coproduction with Barakacine. Starring Diego Capusotto and Luis Luque. Released in Argentina in August 2010, with more than 130 thousand viewers in commercial cinemas. Within the top 10 nationally in 2010.


José (Diego Capusotto), lives in Buenos Aires with his father (AtilioPozzobon), with he has not a good relationship. He is a musician, but he makes a living with the few profits that gives his taxi agency, and when he can, plays with his band at some Pub. He is nostalgic about the success that he won’t achieve again, as in the days when he played with his cousin Miguel ( Luis Luque).Both made some success with the song “Flying Birds”, from their band “Lemon’s Teeth”. After a long time, Miguel, who lives in Las Pircas, a small town in the hills of the province of Cordoba, comes to visit him, and proposes him to leave the city and go to the hills. He says that in there, José will enjoy being sorrounded by the nature. In this small town, Miguel sells magnets and crafts of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings at the town fair. José -whom things for him aren’t going well: no longer stand his father, economically fails to progress and his band is no longer being called to play anywhere-, decides to leave everything behind and go with his guitar to Las Pircas. In that picturesque mountain landscape, with characters simples and humans, in which does not lacks UFOs nor rock & roll, he will live very special experiences.


Directoy: Néstor Montalbano
Screenplay: Damián Dreizik
Producer: Marcelo Schapces
ExecutiveProducer: Alejandro Israel
Cinematographer: Marcelo Iaccarino
ProductionDesign: Rodolfo Pagliere
Music: Pablo Borghi
SoundDesign: Nicolás Giusti, Juan Ignacio Caparrós, Gonzalo Guerra
Make up: Laura Fortini


José: Diego Capusotto
Miguel: Luis Luque
Ruth: Verónica Llinás
Policewoman: Alejandra Flechner
Tomás: DamiánDreizik
Any: Vanessa Weinberg
Matildo: Juan Carlos Mesa
Braulio: Osky Guzmán
Narrator: Víctor Hugo Morales

Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Salvador 4176 timbre 3, C1175ACH, CABA. Argentina


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